How do installment loans work?

no-wait-installment-loans-financeOnce you qualify for a No Wait Loans installment loan, you can easily build good credit with a steady record of on-time payments.  Here are some additional features that keep our customers coming back:

  • Every month we will report your payment history to the credit bureau,
  • You can list us as a credit reference when you apply for credit with other lenders,
  • After you establish your good credit with us, you can ask us for a credit line increase,
  • You can also access your NoWaitLoans line of credit whenever the need arises, and
  • When your loan is paid you will be able to reopen your loan at any time.

We are here for you when you need us, if you have an emergency or any other need for quick cash.

Establish and Build Credit

Most of us need credit from time to time. We can’t always pay cash for things; especially costly items like furniture, cars and a house or apartment. Sometimes we even need credit for smaller purchases like car repairs, medical bills, clothes, electronics, etc.

Establishing and maintaining a good credit history is important when it comes time to get the things we want and need. Good credit also helps to get better rates on everything from car insurance to credit cards and the mortgage for a home.

Establishing a good credit history or rebuilding a damaged credit history takes time. In fact, it can take several months or even years. No Wait Loans can be one step on the path to a credit history you can be proud of.